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Latin Elephant promotes alternative and innovative ways of engaging and incorporating migrant and ethnic communities in urban regeneration processes in London.

Latin Elephant is working to increase participation of Latin buy naltrexone Americans in urban regeneration initiatives in London by:

Influencing infrastructure

We work with Latin American retailers, organisations and residents to gather ideas for the improvement of public spaces and liaise with relevant stakeholders to take these ideas forward.

Latin Elephant facilitates channels of communication between retailers, council, local organisations, developers and other stakeholders in urban developments and regeneration initiatives. We encourage attendance at consultation events, workshops and conferences to raise awareness of the needs of the Latin American community; we remain up to date and informed of urban developments and regeneration processes and maintain the Latin American community informed of such developments; we respond to policy consultations and planning applications; we share information, research and resources with different stakeholders.

Promoting Business Readiness – Latin Elephant aims to strengthen engagement and business readiness for London’s Latin American business community through formal referral mechanisms. We engage with local service providers and organisations that provide help and advice on a range of issues affecting migrant and ethnic businesses in areas where regeneration is taking place.

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